Rules and Regulations You Should Be Aware Of Before Visiting Any Game Park

Around the world, you will find different game parks. Most of the game parks are well conserved to protect the animals. Their management also reduces the human-wildlife conflict that coexists when humans live together with animals. 

The management agencies have now come up with policies and regulations that can protect animals and park visitors. These regulations are set for the good of everybody. 

Most of the time, no one will ever tell you about these policies. It’s upon you to know and follow them. But when you break them, no one will care whether you know them or not. 

Unfortunately, almost every park has its own set of rules. And you can’t cram all of them. But when you check different parks, you will discover that there are rules that never change. These are the most critical rules that you should follow at every park you go to. 

This article will share with you critical rules and regulations that you should be aware of before visiting any park. 

  • You Need To Pay To Gain Access 

Most of the parks are controlled by a state agency. The agency ensures everything in the park is well maintained. And as a way to keep the park, the agencies charge a fee to its visitors. So, to gain access to the park, you must pay for the gate pass. 

This also means that everyone should pass through the designated park gate. Otherwise, if you are caught in the park without a gate pass, you would be arrested. 

So, before you could visit any park, ensure you have your park fee with you. Know how much they are charging, and then go enjoy your visit. 

  • You Shouldn’t Feed The Animals 

In the park, you will find animals of all kinds. Sometimes you would be tempted to feed the monkeys, giraffes, or other animals you meet. But this is illegal in most parks. You should not feed the animals with anything. 

This is because animals are supposed to eat from their nature. Giving them synthesized foods could poison them.

Unfortunately, some people risk the lives of the animals by feeding them. Some people had fed animals before and killed them in the process. 

So, don’t feed animals. When you are caught feeding the animals, you will end up paying dearly for the action. 

  • Don’t Kill Animals or Carry Anything From The Park 

One of the main problems the world is facing now is illegal hunting. Poachers have killed different animals to extinction. And one thing you should know is that the role of the park is to protect animals. And this is why you need at all times to protect them. You can’t kill them. Also, you shouldn’t carry any natural items you find in the park. 

Parting Shot 

Game parks are interesting. However, to enjoy the visit, you must ensure you follow all the set guidelines and rules.